McDonough Lady Pleads Guilty to Medicaid Scams, Purchased to Pay $3.8 Million

Atlanta– The owner of a previous Henry County psychological health services business will need to pay $3.8 million in restitution to the Georgia Medicaid Program for supposed Medicaid scams.

Casandra Jones, 47, of McDonough and Frederick Thrasher owned and ran House of Preparation, which supposed to supply psychological health services to youth and grownups. On Monday, Oct. 2, Jones pleaded guilty midway through her trial to one count of Medicaid scams, one felony count of conspiracy to defraud the state and 2 felony counts of forgery in the 2nd degree.

Thrasher and 2 other co-defendants, House of Preparation workers, had gone into guilty pleas at earlier dates. Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr revealed the close of the case on Wednesday.

” I applaud our group at the Department of Law, led by Assistant Attorney General Robin Daitch, for this effective prosecution,” Carr stated in a news release from the Office of the Attorney General. “We would also like the thank the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, the Georgia Department of Community Health, the Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities and the Henry County District Attorney’s Office for their help in the examination and prosecution of this case.

” We will not endure this kind of deceiving habits, and we are grateful for the collaborations that assisted us to look for justice on behalf of the people of Georgia,” Carr continued.

In addition to the $3,832,855 Jones was purchased to pay in restitution, she was sentenced under the Georgia First Offender Act to 15 years with 5 years to serve in jail and the rest on probation.

According to district attorneys, the supposed offenses happened in between Jan. 21, 2010, and Dec. 16, 2013, while Jones and Thrasher were registered in the Georgia Medicaid Program.

” The Program guidelines and policies specifically forbid billing Georgia Medicaid for any services not carried out and changing patient records,” the Office of the Georgia Attorney General specified in the release.

Jones and Thrasher opened House of Preparation LLC in 2010. According to the company’s now-defunct website, they supplied interventions and counseling to youth and grownups.

It was initially situated at 110 Eagle Spring Dr. in Stockbridge but transferred to 217 Arrowhead Blvd. in Jonesboro in March 2014.

Jones, Thrasher and staff members Antoine Johnson and Lynesha McElveen were charged with triggering deceitful billings to be sent to Georgia Medicaid. They then produced deceptive files to support the incorrect billings, district attorneys charged.

The examination also exposed that Jones remained in the ownership of various created files. As an outcome of sending deceptive billings, Jones and Thrasher accepted payments from Georgia Medicaid amounting to $3,832,855, which was more than they were entitled.

Thrasher had formerly pleaded guilty to conspiracy to defraud the state under the Georgia First Offender Act and was sentenced to 5 years with one year to serve in jail. Thrasher was also bought to pay around $3,832,855 restitution to the Georgia Medicaid Program.

Johnson pleaded guilty to conspiracy to defraud the state and was sentenced to 5 years of probation, and McElveen pleaded guilty to Medicaid scams and conspiracy to defraud the state and was sentenced to 3 years of probation. They were also sentenced under the Georgia First Offender Act.

” Fredrick Thrasher, Antoine Johnson, and Lynesha McElveen will all be mandatorily omitted from offering any services under any federal government healthcare advantage program,” the Office of the Georgia Attorney General mentioned.